Fit Me! Maybelline Foundation Review

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Disclosure: I purchased the reviewed product for personal use.


ABOUT: ” Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Foundation face makeup. Mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish.”
THE GOOD: I chose the Fit Me! Maybelline Foundation New York in shade 130 and it fits my skin tone perfectly.
THE NOT SO GOOD: The coverage is too light for the dark areas of my skin that I’m trying to cover up. I used the “Find My Fit” on the Maybelline website and it never gave me the shade 130 which is what best matched my skin tone. So I’m not sure how accurate it the test is but it was interesting to take. The foundation started to wear down around 8 hours after applied. Because the consistency is light and watery, I would have to buy 2 bottles a month to get the coverage I am looking for.


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