NONPAREIL Snore Relief Jaw Support Review

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Disclosure: I purchased the reviewed product for personal use.


About: “Is snoring causing you and those around you to lie awake at night, tossing and turning? There is a simple solution! Countless people around the world have prevented snoring instantly by using The Original NONPAREIL Anti Snore Chin Strap. This lightweight no snore chin strap gently and comfortably keeps your mug closed while you sleep, clearing your airway and the soft pallet restrictions that cause snoring. No prescription required. The anti snoring strap is made from soft, non-itchy, stretchable, and breathable fabric, and is fully adjustable to provide a custom fit.”

The Good: I was told that I snored much less and lighter while using this product. Affordable price on

The Not So Good: Wearing it is very uncomfortable especially when trying to fall asleep. It was a snug fit & it made falling asleep more difficult & uncomfortable. I began to dread putting it on because it interfered with how easily I normally fall asleep in a relaxed state. I found having to put both of my ears inside the hole in the strap made it too tight so I would only put one ear inside and a few times the strap would end up on the floor in the middle of the night, I’m assuming it slid off.

NONPAREIL Snore Relief

NONPAREIL Snore Relief 1


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