Top 3 Easy Money Earning Apps to Download

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top3Did you know you could earn money by downloading apps to your phone? well you can. I do and have been for months. Below are some of the best apps for earning quick money in the form of gift cards and/or paypal. Each of these 3 apps offers the potential (from my personal experience) to earn near $30/a month or more.

App Trailers: Earn points by watching videos. 1 phone per account.


CheckPoints: This app allows you to earn points by scanning specific products in stores, watching videos and completing offers. 10 phones are allowed per person.

Perk TV: Perk TV offers many others apps where you can earn points such as Perk TV Live!, Scratch & Win, Jetpack Journey, Perk Screen, Perk Pop Quiz, Word Search, Rewards Reader, Viggle & more.

These are the best ones, however there are many more such as Receipt Hog, GigWalk, Field Agent, Feature Points, SwagBucks (I prefer using on my laptop) & many many more.

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