Amoureuse Women’s Plus Size Long lace Top Gown Review

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Disclosure: I purchased the reviewed product for personal use.


The Good: The gown feels silky soft to the touch, looks sexy and beautiful. Comes in a variety of colors. I chose black. I love the 52″ length that comes to my ankles.

The Not So Good: For weeks the gown would bleed black on my skin and in the shower it would bleed onto other clothes. It took a long time but it finally stopped bleeding. Now the lacy top part is pulling apart, threads coming out everywhere. It’s very expensive at nearly $50 dollars.


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  • This is a beautiful gown . I do hate when the clothes bleed I have ruined many clothes that way

  • I think this is beautiful! I’d love to get something like this, but i wouldn’t want to deal with the fabric falling apart for a $50 dress! (Maybe I’m just too cheap!)

  • Thats to bad that it is falling apart (and staining you!) I think it is really pretty but for the price not worth it 🙁

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