He Loves It! Homemade Dog Food w/Pasta

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Our dog loves to eat, I know this by the way he stares at us every time we eat & how he will sit in front of me and stare at me letting me know he wants his treats. But all of a sudden he went from eating normally to waiting to after midnight to eat only one small bowl of dry food, however if any “people” food was put in front of him, he’d gobble it down.

Now of course I heard the usual “if he’s hungry, he’ll eventually eat” but knowing how much I enjoy eating and how good it feels to eat something good every day, I couldn’t look at him and know he’s unhappy with his food for no apparent reason but still I knew so I decided to make him some homemade dog food, knowing how much he loves “people” food, I figured I could get him to eat on a regular schedule and it worked!

He now eats two meals a day instead of barely one and I can tell he’s enjoying it the way he licks the plate clean every time.



Here is one of his favorite recipes.

2.25lb of ground beef

1/2 box of angel hair pasta

1 bag of frozen peas

1 bag of frozen carrots

32 ounces of water



Cook the anger hair in one pot and then a in a large skillet add the ground beef, carrots, peas, cook on medium heat until ground beef is cooked, then turn on low for 40 minutes and cover. (add four 8 ounces of water at a time while it’s cooking)



I like when I can mash the carrots, then I know it’s all ready. Add everything together, let it cool off and serve.

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Always check beforehand which foods are best for your dog and which ones to avoid. These specific foods have proven to be healthy for a Shih tzu.

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