Woman’s World Magazine Review

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The Good: I have been a fan of Woman’s World magazine since my Mom introduced me to it as a young child. I always thought it was very colorful and had interesting facts, puzzles and photos but now as an adult I appreciate it even more. My favorite parts of Woman’s World are (hold on it’s a long list), there are usually 2 true stories on real people who’ve overcame something and/or are making a difference in the community


Solve It Yourself Mystery is a short fiction story and I love guessing who dunnit.


Love & Laughter is a page that features a quote from a tv show, photos of cute babies, Boy Was My Face Red story and humorous comics.


Personality Insight page


Circle of Kindness page


Collect A Meal is where you can cut out recipes to save for later


$Ka-Ching! helps readers find unique ways to earn extra income.


Now those are only my favorites but there are many many more great pages in this magazine such as Your Good Health, Beauty Tips, Weight loss story with eating plan, Ask America’s Ultimate Experts, Cash in this Week, Win this at WomansWorld.com, Everyday Heroes, Recipes, Good Times Guide, Have Fun With Kids, Brain Games, My Guardian Angel and there’s still so much more.

Woman’s World magazine is affordable at $1.79 an issue.

The Not So Good: Nothing

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