Compress MD Foot Pain Relief Sleeve Socks Review

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Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.


The Good: It’s comfortable to wear while sitting down, sure there’s tightness and pressure but that’s what makes this product work but it’s not too intense. I love that this is a sleeve sock and not one that I have to pull up my leg (which never works for me). I like knowing that while I’m wearing this it’s increasing my oxygen circulation, reduces sweat and odor, lowers lactic acid and relieves aches & pains.

It’s affordable at 19.99 on and you receive not 1 but 2 pairs!

The Not So Good: When I walk while wearing the socks, there’s a lot of pressure on the top of my feet which feels quite uncomfortable. My feet are rather big so if you have smaller feet, it probably won’t be an issue. But I am able to wear them when I’m out and about.



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