Premium Magnetic Screen Door Review

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Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.

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The Good: Our front door doesn’t have anywhere to place the mesh so I decided to put it in the living room so that any bugs that come in can’t come to any of the bedrooms or bathroom. My bedroom specifically is where the seem to like to stay.

We have an air conditioner in the bedroom but not in the living room so it get’s very hot, humid and someone usually leaves the door wide open which I don’t like because there are way too many bugs outside. Last night there were 6 medium size moths flying around my bedroom, plus 2 flies. It seems everyday we are having to swat, flail our arms, eat carefully with a napkin over our food because of all the flying bugs so I am excited to have this products which eliminates this issue. It’s so nice to be able to relax with the bugs being outside instead of inside.

Very easy to assemble and kind of fun too. Only took about 10 minutes altogether.

The  Magnetic Screen is easy to put up and it’s affordable at $19.95

The  Not So Good: I wish it were adjustable to fit all types of doorways because I wasn’t able to fit it in the doorway of the front door.



Lay the magnetic mesh on a flat surface like the floor or bed.
Attach the velcro tape (without removing the white paper) around the magnetic mesh.
Fit the magnetic mesh to a doorway and then pull of the top part of the white paper and stick to the door way, then continue to pull the white paper off the sides and stick to the doorway.


Update: I’ve been having issues with the magnetic mesh snapping back together, sometimes it just stays apart unless I pull it closed. I tried adjusting it but that’s not working so I’m not sure. I feel this is a very valuable product because it keeps the bugs out but you may have to just pull it closed when you walk through.


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