Livionex Dental Gel Review

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Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.


The Good: I feel confident using Livionex because in a double-blind study, it was shown to be 2.5 times more effective at cleaning teeth and it does not contain any abrasives, detergents, sugar or artificial sweeteners. But it does contain a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums. The texture is very light and silky because of this it makes me want to use more but I keep in mind that only a pea size is needed. After I brush my teeth with Livionex, I noticed they look brighter and have a shine to them. I like it a lot. So, how much is it and where can you buy it? The 1.7oz tube costs $20 dollars and a 1.7oz pump costs $22 dollars, if the right amount is used, it can last up to 6 weeks. Visit Livionex to purchase online.



The Not So Good: None

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