Augie’s Pizza (Corry, PA)

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The Good: I’ve lived in Corry, PA for over a year now and I keep hearing about how Augie’s Pizza is the best pizza in the world, so me being a pizza lover I finally decided to try it while on a date with spouse. What I like about the pizza is that it tastes 100% FRESH, the dough is made fresh daily and they use a homemade sauce. Afterwards (even though I ate way more than I should have and was super full) I didn’t have that “Ugh” “sluggish” feeling at all.

The Not So Good: I didn’t like the way the pizza was cut, I’m used to the big triangle slices. Also the XL seemed more like a Large. Augie’s is best suited for take out rather than dine in, as there aren’t many tables or room.

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