Shave Mob Razors Review

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13909254_874827822618097_2215394656063715197_oDisclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.

The Good: The Caveman razors are amazing!  With 6 blades, every hair is being cut and it gives me a sense of confidence knowing I got the best shave possible. My skin is completely flawless, no stubble at all. It’s 100% smooth. I noticed that I didn’t have any nicks or cuts like I normally do with other razors especially with the first use. These are my new favorite razors.


Another thing I love is that the prices are incredibly affordable! The Caveman Razor features 6 Blades, yes 6 Blades.  4 Cartridges sells for $9.99, 12 Cartridges sells for $17.99 and 24 Cartridges sells for $32.99. Why are these amazing deals? because if you try to buy 6 blade cartridges from other brands in store (I haven’t even seen a 6 blade in stores) it will cost around $35 dollars for an 8ct and Shave Mob sells their 6 blade cartridges at 24 for $32.99. That’s a year’s worth of razors for nearly $33 dollars. Shave Mob offers Free Shipping on All Orders in the contiguous United States.

The Not So Good: With each shave the razor makes a clicking noise, not sure why.

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