Master Lock 4400D Indoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock Review

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The Good: This lock is phenomenal! No need for keys or combinations. There are so many features that I love about it. My favorite part (besides feeling 100% secure using this lock) is that I can download an app to my phone and open/close the lock using my phone and if anyone is trying to open the lock, I will get a notification on my phone, how cool is that?

I’m always having trouble with other locks and the combinations working but the good thing about this lock is that I don’t have to deal with combinations anymore because I use my phone to unlock it.

The app allows me to give access to anyone to use the lock from the convenience of my phone.  The lock comes with a replaceable CR2450 battery and the app also will send a low battery notification to my phone. Another great thing is If you don’t have your phone with you, just enter your directional code on the lock keypad to access it.

The Master Lock 4400D Indoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock is currently on sale for $39.03. Regular price is $70. Click HERE to view and/or purchase.

The Not So Good: None

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