Winc Wine Club Review + Huge Discount 4 Bottles for $30!

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The Good: Winc is a monthly subscription box that features exclusive wines tailored to your tastes. There is a “Palate Profile” which features 6 questions to find out your tastes, wines will be shipped to you according to your tastes. You can also rate the wines for better recommendations, skip a month or cancel anytime and you’ll never pay for a bottle you don’t like.


I like the variety of wines available (currently there are 41 wines), I also like the designs on the bottles. The prices are affordable with the wines ranging from $13 to $30, with most in the lower price range. It was exciting to come home and find a box from Winc at my doorstep.

2015 Cocomero Rose
001I like the soft flavor of this wine. It’s not overly strong so I’m able to enjoy it more so than other wines I’ve tried in the past. I also like the design on the bottle and the color of the wine. It’s made from the native Italian Grape Barbera.
2015 Pas Ordinaire Saint-Chinian Blend
001-1Red wine is my favorite wine. This wine was made by Europe’s trailblazing biodynamic winemaking pioneer, Bertie Eden. Made with hand-picked grapes and aged in small concrete tanks before bottling.

2015 Wildest Dreams White Blend
001-2I like the design on the wine bottle and the words “Wildest Dreams”, I knew I just had to try it. It contains crisp, refreshing notes of grapefruit and peach and finishes with hints of apricot, white raspberry, and lemon.
2014 Alma Libre Red Blend
001-3This wine is made with hand-picked grapes and aged in oak for four months. With peppery aromas and flavors of raspberry and plum.

The Not So Good: None

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