Free Family Fun Ideas

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The Library
There are so many amazing things about going to your local library. You can “check out” fiction and non fiction books, DVD’s, CD’s, Audiobooks, Magazines. Libraries are usually super nice with lots of chairs/tables to sit and read or use your laptop on with free wifi. Libraries also have their own computers that you can use for free. Also check out the free activities for kids, adults and families. Some libraries also have devices where you can sit and watch movies and/or listen to music.

Local Events in your city especially around holidays. Check to see if your city has facebook groups to stay updates.

Free School Activities/Events. Check your school’s calendar for scheduled activities/events.


Free Family Movie Nights
YouTube has free movies.
If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, Amazon Instant Video is free.
Redbox is the cheapest way that I’ve found to rent New Movies. $1.59 for a new release dvd and $2.12 for a new release blu ray. My local video store costs nearly double.
If you have a Family Video in your city, there is a large section of free kids dvds.

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