Want to Connect with Brands & Win Gift Cards? Try Twitter Parties

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Twitter Parties are usually an hour long conversation about a specific brand where you answer questions about how you incorporate the brands products in your daily life.

Each twitter party is different and the rules will vary but I’m going to list how to participate in a standard twitter party.

  1. Find twitter parties by going to Twitter and typing in “Twitter Party (and the date such as 1/16)” in the search bar.
  2. RSVP with your twitter username (such as @ilovetoreviewin)
  3. Follow all the hosts, co-hosts, & brand
  4. Tweet about the giveaway
  5. Be there at the right date/time to participate.
  6. Pay careful attention to the hosts tweets for any rules such as sending out a disclosure tweet.
  7. Use the hashtag (sometimes there’s more than one) in every single tweet.
  8. Answer each question honestly and include photos if you have them. (Prepare ahead of time and take photos of you and your family using the brands products and keep in a “twitter party” folder for easy access).
  9. Watch for the announcement of winners by looking at your notifications (if it jumps from 1 to 99) and for tweets announcing the winners. Even if you don’t win, tweet Congratulations to everyone.
  10. At the end of the twitter party make sure to thank the hosts, co-hosts and brand.

And that is how to participate in a twitter party.

Now, you might be wondering if there are ways you can increase your chances of winning. And the answer is…. Possibly.

Most Twitter Parties claim that the winners are chosen at random but it doesn’t hurt to do these few things to increase the odds of winning.

  1. Tweet A lot. Interact with the host, co-hosts and brand by replying to as many of their tweets as possible. Send out tweets using the hashtag and asking questions about the products being discussed.
  2. Include original photos in your tweets of you and your family using the products that are being discussed.
  3. Get personal. Stand out by giving your own personal firsthand experiences using the products being discussed.
  4. Retweet all of the host, co-hosts and brands tweets.
  5. Retweet and reply to some of the participants tweets remembering to use the hashtag in all tweets.
  6. Practice visualization. Imagine yourself winning and spending your winnings.

It is very possible to win thousands from twitter parties in a year. I’ve seen people win this much and I have personally won a lot over the years and know others personally who have won a lot as well. It is worth it in my opinion. Especially if you are at home the majority of the time with a lot of time on your hands like myself.

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