Near East Couscous Review

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The Good: I’ve been a huge fan of Near East Couscous for years but I just recently realized they offer a variety of flavors including my favorites Herbed Chicken and Parmesan. I like how easy and quick it is to cook, just boil water and add the couscous and let sit for 5 minutes, that’s it. Way too simple! It also has a decent amount of fiber. I eat Near East Couscous nearly everyday, that’s how much I enjoy it!

One box contains about 3 servings and costs just a little over $2 dollars. Other flavors include Broccoli & Cheese, Mediterranean Curry, Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil, Toasted Pine Nut, Wild Mushroom & Herb.

The Not So Good: Wish there was more in the box! lol but technically none.

Check out “One of My Favorite Meals” featuring Near East Couscous.

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