10 Ways To Help Others for Free

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With Care2 you can earn butterfly points by clicking links, leaving comments, voting on polls, creating and signing petitions, and more which can be redeemed for specific donations.

Hero Network is a site where you can post wishes and grant wishes.

The Rice Site is a fun site where you can learn and donate at the same time.

Greater Good allows you to click to donate to causes such as Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veterans, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Literacy, & Rainforest.

Interested in volunteering but not sure where to find volunteer opportunities? Visit Volunteer Match and search your local area for ways to give your time.

Care to Click gives you the opportunity to donate to causes such as Cancer, Children, Disaster, Education, Environment, Hunger, Pets, Rainforest, Water, & Wildlife by clicking links.

Visit America’s Blood Centers on line to find a place near you to donate blood.

If you have household items/clothing/food that you no longer need, you can donate to the Salvation Army

With the Charity Miles app you can donate to charity by tracking your fitness routine.

Tabs for a Cause sponsors will donate to your favorite cause every time you open a new tab. How cool is that?

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