Heartland Pets (at Mill Creek Mall) Review

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The Good: A variety of gorgeous puppies, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, ferrets, fish, snakes and birds. If you are 21 and over, you can hold one of the puppies and even go into a half enclosed room to visit. Big selection of pet products.

The Not So Good: The animals are mostly asleep and don’t respond to you or your taps on the window which is kind of odd. We held 2 puppies that were tiny dogs that wouldn’t grow up to be much bigger and the cost to adopt one is $2,000 dollars! That is ridiculous especially when nearby animal shelters only charge $150 to $200 per dog. I feel like finding homes for these dogs aren’t the first priority because how many families can afford that much money?

There is financing which is a good thing however when I tried to apply they wanted my credit card number and I didn’t feel comfortable giving that so I didn’t finish the application.

Heartland Pets is located at Mill Creek Mall in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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  • Pennsylvania is one of the worst states for puppy mills, so of course, stores like this push to sell them. If you have ever seen a puppy mill, you’d never buy a dog again. For me, it’s adoption only (well, three of the cats we’ve had were actually found as strays by us and we could never find their owners). I won’t shop at any pet store that sells puppies and kittens. Millions of dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, die in shelters around the US every year. Unless the store is actually pulling dogs from shelters and vetting them before adopting them out, I won’t give them my business. Actually, the small animals aren’t much better. I bought several hamsters and Guinea pigs over the years, but won’t ever again – I know now how horrible the breeding places are for them, too. Unfortunately, too many people just don’t know all the facts. Oh, and the truth? Many of the puppies that were bred at puppy mills and backyard breeders end up at shelters anyway. The chance of health issues is actually high and most stores will only give you a few days or weeks guarantee on the animals. I’m involved in rescue and what I’ve seen would give almost anyone nightmares. I’ve lost many nights’ sleep over it.

    • Wow this is so disturbing that it’s allowed to happen. These animals were the sweetest and they deserve to have a loving home but who’s going to pay $2,000? so I can only imagine where they’ll end up. I’m happy to hear you are involved in animal rescue, that is awesome! I want to start fostering animals once we move to a bigger place. My spouse has a dog and some lady was trying to give him away at a Walmart parking lot and he was all matted and dirty but they took him in and now he’s a super happy doggy in fact I feature him on this blog quite a bit. I wish there were better laws for the safety and treatment of animals.

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