Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike Review

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The Good: I am so happy with the Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike. I have leg edema which is a swelling in the legs and I sit all day long and my doctor said that I need to move my legs more to help with the swelling so this is absolutely perfect for me because I can comfortably sit down with my legs under a desk and the top of my legs don’t hit the desk which is terrific. The peddles and adjustable straps are comfortable and the 8 levels of magnetic resistance aren’t too hard which works for me. The bike is simple to assemble and smooth to use and completely quiet that a lot of times I forget I’m using it. I highly recommend it.

The Not So Good: It’s very heavy to move/scoot. When I sit it on a rug, it makes the rug slide so it has to be on a floor.

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