EATSMART Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

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Disclosure: I received the reviewed product in exchange for an honest review.

The Good: TheĀ EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is the best selling scale on for the last 7 years and I can see why. I like the slim tempered glass design of this scale. It’s very accurate which is the most important feature. I also like that it supports up to 400lbs but will go up a little higher if needed. Along with the scale comes an retractable EatSmart Body Tape Measure which is flexible and helpful.


    • Large 3.5″ LCD display w/ Accubright blue backlight – Easy to read from any distance or angle!
    • 4 High Precision EatSmart Sensors – Consistent and accurate measurement up to 400 lbs or 180 kgs every time; Graduation increments of .2 lbs. / 3oz. Sturdy 8mm thick tempered glass top and large 12″ x 13″ platform
    • Auto Calibrated; Auto Power-Off; Runs on 4 AAA batteries (included); 100% EatSmart Satisfaction Guarantee – Buy with Confidence!

The Not So Good:Ā Because I have extra round legs that touch, when I step on the scale it’s a bit uncomfortable and my right foot winds up sliding off a bit so I could use a bit more room on the scale but for the average person it will be a perfect fit.

You can purchase the EatSmartĀ Precision Digital Bathroom Scale at

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  • Looks like a nice sleek model

  • I love the design! That looks very stylish!

  • This sounds really nice!
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  • Does seem a little small but I do love the sleek design. Accurate reading is the best part, thanks for the review.

  • Looks like a sleek stylish and accurate scale. We have been trying to lose weight a good scale is essential.

  • I do have a digital scale; it’s not Eat Smart but it looks very similar šŸ™‚ I wish my instruction booklet was more specific as to how to replace the batteries, as I think they are those small round ones that you have to buy at a jewelry counter lol This scale says (per review here) that it runs on AAA batteries which is great in my opinion šŸ˜‰ Thank you for the review !

  • The scale looks very nice & modern, nice that it runs on AAA batteries & has a large LED which makes it easier to read. I do think it could do with a bit more foot room too, but for most people it would be perfect. Thanks for the review, I was wondering about this one!

  • This is a interesting looking scale. I like the fact it is digital.

  • I have shopping around for a new scale. I like that it uses batteries.

  • I do not have a pair of scales and actually do not need any because I can tell my weight from the way my clothes fit. However, this scale has such a sleek look that I wouldn’t mind having one. I do periodically weigh when I go by my parents but I could get this scale and know my exact weight anytime.

  • This looks like a nice pair of scales. I would like to get one for my daughter. Thanks!

  • I like the style of this scale. I also like how the numbers are really big. Makes it easy to see!

  • I’m in the market for a new scale and the EATSMART Precision Digital Bathroom Scale meets the mark! Thanks for sharing.

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