Winning Moves Games Review & Giveaway 6/7

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Disclosure: I received the reviewed items in exchange for an honest review.

Nibbled: We had so much fun playing “Nibbled”. The object of the game is to clip fish to your hair/clothes and by guessing the correct color fish on the card you draw, you then remove and clip that many fish to another player. The player who unclips all their fish wins!

Sunk’d: This is an edge of your seat type of game. I kept over pouring the water which will happen until you get used to it but that makes it all the more exciting. I love the challenge cards that ask you to jump on one foot while pouring the water or to sing Happy Birthday while pouring.

Cadoo: Cadoo is Cranium for kids. I like that in order to see the answer we have to use special glasses. Depending on the card that is chosen you get to mold, draw or act out the answer for others to guess.

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Now time for the giveaway. One lucky winner will receive all 3 games including Nibbled, Sunk’d & Cadoo. How exciting is that? Good luck to everyone 🙂

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