Jones Natural Chews Co. Review – My Dog Loves the Chicken Feet!

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Disclosure: I received the reviewed items in exchange for an honest review.

Here is a list of what was in the box.

  1. Strap Stick Small & Large
  2. Bark Burgers Beef & Chicken Blend
  3. Beefee Snapz
  4. Chickee Snapz
  5. Chicken Feet (regular & baked)
  6. Duck Feet (regular & baked)

The Good: My dog’s favorite is the Chicken Feet and the Bark Burgers which are high in protein and it’s 100% grown in the USA.

Jones Natural Chews Co. offers a wide variety of dog treats such as Center Bones, Knuckle Bones, Mammoth Bones, as well other beef bones and products. Bully Pizzle products, Pig Ears, USA Pork products, Lamb products, Jerky & Sausage-Dry varieties, Tender Taffy, Soft Flexible Sausage, Links-Dry varieties and Holiday Treats. All products are created using only USA meat products, no artificial ingredients and 100% grown & made in the USA.





The Not So Good: My dog wasn’t interested in the other treats listed but he can be a little picky.

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