Pymatuning Spillway – Where the Ducks Walk on Fish

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There is a huge “bowl” of Carp fish that are all stacked on top of each other fighting for the bread that’s thrown in the water to feed them. You can buy bread for $1 on site or bring your own. There are many ducks/seagulls that are close by and sometimes they’ll walk on top of the fish to try and catch the bread being thrown in. It may sound a little bit odd but it’s quite amusing and enjoyable for the whole family. I personally enjoy feeding animals of all kinds so it gives me joy to throw in lots of bread and try to make sure as many fish and birds as possible get a bite to eat. Outside of the “bowl” is a lake where there are more carp fish and birds, but it’s not as fast paced and crazy. Hanging by the water is relaxing on a nice day with the family.

The Pymatuning Spillway is located in Linesville, Pennsylvania and is Free for all.

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