We Keep This Litter Box In Our Bedroom!

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Disclosure: I purchased this product that I am reviewing.

The Good: Having a self cleaning litter box makes having a cat so much easier. It does all the work for me and I only have to change it once every 3 to 4 weeks, compared to scooping a regular litter box multiple times a day, the bending and the smell. I am so grateful to have this product and that it works like it says it does. It’s motion censored so a few minutes after my cat is done, it will automatically clean the litter box by pushing the clumped parts into a section in the front. Another huge plus is there is no smell after my cat uses the litter or when the clumped parts are being pushed underneath the front part which has to open a bit. No smell at all. We keep the litter box in our bedroom! It does makes a little noise when it’s sweeping through but nothing major at all. The color of the crystal litter is really nice too.

The Not So Good: Sometimes it doesn’t get the very small clumps and I’ll have to scoop them out, or they get stuck in the sweeper part. Also, the urine doesn’t seem to clump with the litter provided so after a while it stains the litter and can smell, but usually after a few weeks. I wish the sweeper part had more bars so it could get everything when it sweeps through.

Cost: A 3 pack of litter with boxes included, can cost nearly $50 dollars on line but I usually find a code that makes it around $40. So that’s nearly a 3 month supply for $40 dollars, which breaks down to $13.33. In my opinion, it’s worth every penny because I don’t have to bend down and scoop throughout the day and smell urine and poop.

The Scoop Free Original Self Cleaning Litter Box can be purchased at Wayfair.com for $132.99. Sign up for credit and your payments can be as low as $12/month.

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