Must Try the Big Daddy Pizza at Fox’s Pizza Den!

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“Fox’s Pizza Den, family owned and operated for over 44 years, serves the very best authentic pizzas, strombolis, salads, nearly world famous “wedgies”, gourmet pizzas and specialty hoagies.”

My family just can’t get enough of Fox’s Pizza Den’s Big Daddy Pizza! Not only is it super delicious but it has 24 slices! And it’s affordable at $16.99. Here in Corry, Pennsylvania, no restaurants deliver except for Fox’s so thank you to them. The menu also contains some clipless coupons such as a Big Daddy Pizza with 2 toppings for $17.99 or a Big Daddy Pizza with 20 Wings for $29.99.

I like that some of the slices have a puff, oh I love puff’s on pizza. The outside slices have crust while the middle pieces are super soft for those who generally throw away the top part. There’s a slice for everyone.

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