Game of the States Board Game from Winning Moves

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Game of the States
My favorite part of this game is learning about the 50 states.
Each colorful card features a state and facts such as the states nickname, state flower, state bird, When the state entered union, the Capital, 2 things the state is know for and a STEM fact.
This game has a lot going on, so it’s a lot to remember such as what you’ve sold or own and where you’re delivering the packages to. It’s an fun, colorful, challenging game for the whole family to enjoy.

The game includes:

  • Bi-fold Gameboard
  • Deck of 50 State Cards
  • 4 Plastic Truck Movers
  • Play Money
  • 16 Wood Packages
  • Spinner & Instructions

Game of the States can be purchased at Winning Moves for $20.95.

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